9th Annual Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue Agenda

9th Doha Interfaith Conference

24 to 26 October 2011

Social Media and Inter-Religious Dialogue: A New Relationship

Theme I:

The Emergence of Communication Technology, History and Development.

1 – Overview of the means, sites, services and uses of social communication

2 – Use of the means of social communication in sophisticated dialogue tool

3 – How to serve the means of communication in dialogue between individuals and groups using new technologies.

Theme II:

Optimal Use of the Social Communication:

1 – Time and effort provided and freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed for all users with the need to respect this freedom.

2 – The importance of the means of social communication in the creation of communication and cooperation between the centers of interfaith dialogue and those interested and working in this domain.

3 – Interfaith dialogue centers benefit from these means in creating a suitable environment for co-existence among followers of religions.

Theme III:

The Pros and Cons of the Social Communication tools and Reflection on the Activities of Interfaith Dialogue:

1 – How have the means of social communication participated in the weakening of traditions and customs and reducing social relations?

2 – The misuse of social networking sites among the religious communities.

3 – The ethics of the use of the new technology.

Theme IV:

Making active of the Use of social communication in serving interfaith dialogue issues

1 – The effect of the use of modern communication technology and links to developments in the arenas of liberalization and change in Arab countries.

2 – How can we move the dialogue closer to the young people through this technology?

3 – The emergence of social networking sites have led to a quantum leap in the free expression of the views of young people. Example of successful experiences (the Egyptian and Tunisian ones).

Theme V:

Develop religious frameworks and ethical regulations to protect society from the misuse of social networking tools

1 – The challenges of harnessing information and communication technology for the purpose of constructive dialogue.

2 – How to prepare and qualify individuals religiously for the use of social networking sites in the renaissance of community development.

3 – The need for a Global Code of Conduct for not insulting the sanctities and religions: Religious perspective.



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