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 The KAAD (Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer-Dienst) is a scholarship program sponsored by the church that offers a new generation of Africans, Asians and Latin Americans the chance to do research work and to obtain an education at universities or other institutions of higher education in the Federal Republic of Germany. Resulting from an initiative taken 1954 at the Catholic Convention in Fulda, it is a non-profit-making organization that is acknowledged and supported by the German Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

 1. Basis for promotional work

 Promotional work at KAAD is based on the solidarity and commitment that German Catholics feel towards the World Church. The church in the Federal Republic of Germany supports through KAAD the churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America in their effort to promote young leaders who can initiate social and cultural developments in their respective countries. In this way it contributes to the religious, cultural and academic exchange among peoples.

 2.  Requirements for scholarship

 Aid is given according to the applicant’s country’s need for qualified people, laymen exclusively. Persons considered for assistance should be Catholics with religious attitude, active church afiliation and a willingness to lead an appropriate personal life. Non-Catholics can be given aid only in well-founded exceptional cases.

 The applicant is expected to have:

n distinguished qualifications for the intended field of study

n good character and personal integrity

n ability and willingness to take advantage of the special opportunities offered by foreign study and to cope with the resulting physical and mental stress

n a good command of German or the ability to improve it within a reasonable period of time

 3.  Assistance programs of the KAAD

 KAAD’s promotional work is carried out by means of the Scholarship Program I and II.

 Scholarship Program I (Partner Program)

 The main emphasis of the KAAD is directed specifically towards graduates who within the framework of partner programs are invited to the German Federal Republic for research or graduate study. The choice of countries is made in consultation with the Episcopal Aid Organisations and the German Catholic Bishops’ Conference. Partner bodies in the respective countries propose candidates and the selection board of the KAAD, the Academic Committee, decides on the acceptance of scholarship students.

Requirements of research and study are taken into account when the duration of financial assistance is determined, as a rule not beyond three years. The scholarship is first granted for one year. If necessary a German language course can be granted before beginning studies in Germany. Financial assistance consists of a monthly scholarship, the amount of which is measured also according to economic aspects and is expected to cover the scholar’s costs of living and studying. Besides courses which lead directly to a German degree, a master’s or a doctor’s, other research studies of foreign academics can be promoted, provided that academic degrees of home universities have been achieved. Financial aid for short stays of 2-6 months for foreign scholars are offered as well. The costs incurred in the home country (e.g. for the family) are to be taken on as far as possible by the local church as its own contribution to the partner programs. The travel costs of the scholar to and from the Federal Republic of Germany are paid only when necessary by the KAAD.

If a scholarship student at the end of his studies does not return to his home country or to another developing country, the cost of the scholarship and any additional aid must be repaid in full.

 Scholarship Program II  

 Within Scholarship Program II students are assisted who are already living in Germany and in advanced stage of their studies, as a rule having passed their mid-degree examinations. Personal applications are not possible. Students must be proposed by the relevant catholic university community and applications are to be addressed to the KAAD by the diocesan representative. It is again the Academic Committee there that decides on the application.

 Duration of scholarship depends on the study requirements. Scholarship is first approved for one year and ends, as a rule, no later than after 3 years. Financial aid consists of a monthly scholarship which depends on the student’s economic conditions and should cover his study and living costs. If a scholarship student at the end of his studies does not return to his home country or to another developing country, the amount of the entire scholarship and any additional aid must be repaid in full.

 4.   Cultural work and pastoral care

 Ideal sponsorship should make it easier for the foreign student to meet church and society in the Federal Republic of Germany and, by making study-related seminars and other cultural events available to him, prepare him for his future responsabilities. Planning the contents of this ideal sponsorship depends on the country’s requirements or that of the student’s specific study interests including religious formation.

It consists, in detail, of:

n individual counselling and arrangement of contacts in their specific study fields (especially by means of university teachers affiliated with KAAD)

n study-related seminars and other cultural events and meetings between scholarship students

n religious programs and pastoral guidance (e.g. spiritual exercises)

n support in keeping up contact with the home country.

 The scholarship student is expected to avail himself of the arrangements proposed to him and engage actively in German church life, especially through commitment to the Catholic university communities. Participation in one KAAD-seminar a year is obligatory for students in Scholarship Programs I and II.

 5. Re-Integration and post-contacts

 In the final study stages, the KAAD offers help to make scholars’ re-integration easier. In order to assist their former scholarship students in their work in the home countries and help them keep up their relations to church and society in the Federal Republic of Germany, the KAAD also offers them information and contacts after their return. 

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