Islamophobia: the producer of misunderstanging and alienation with muslims

Islamophobia is a historic, social and political phenomenon and a recognition subject in the field of religion. It’s an alert, purposeful, united and forward going phenomenon, which is manageable, and results in visible outcomes, a planned and controlled phenomenon.

But who are the creators of this multi­dimensional movement which on one hand can be studied in a political and social atmosphere, and takes its identity from psychological criteria on the other hand?

Are they a collective of people atheists and agnostics? Or are they a collective of radical religious people? Or are they a balanced group who criticize any form of religious extremism;

Who and with what motives benefit from this increasingly incisive phenomenon; Religious people; Secularists? Are they religious people who in the political arena are seculars or are they seculars who have political commitments to religion? Those that have issues with the subject of religion or religious people whose religious interpretations clash with the religious interpretations of others? Which religious people from which gender throughout history have been in warn and conflict with other religious people? Which religious people have in the life of mankind always been the harbingers of holy wars? Wars that were not in defense but were the harbingers of anger and blood.

Aside form the studies of the recent decade showing this phenomenon is controllable, and aside from the fact that this phenomenon is attributed to racist activities, and for this reason the approach of the international community at the religious studies levels to this subject is concurring and coordinated with human values, a new and accurate study is required so that we do not forget that Islamophobia in today’s world is not necessarily a reaction towards the subject of religion outside of reality, but on the contrary it is the preparatory fire of a targeted attack against Islam, and a political religion. The example we witness is the association Islamophobia with Iranophobia with the formation of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, or Brotherhoodophobia over the recent months and at the same time as the coming to power of Islamists in the presidential elections in Egypt.

Perhaps the historical experience of mankind with regards to political religion or governing religion has not been so successful and clear, but without a doubt the wrong implementation of principles which have the possibility to be applied correctly does not necessarily mean the rejection of these principles, but on the contrary the history of mankind is filled from extremist moves which consequentially is a pendulum move from mankind’s theoretic and practical currents, and the destination of these movements in all directions are not recognizable from the human behaviour in balance and proportion. But are involved in these movements and during their maturity are the balance between the thoughts of mankind and religious tendencies are high peaks of theocratic human experience, and is identifiable to today’s thirsty and wandering mankind.

Humanity which deems its health and peaceful existence in recognition of God and being God oriented, but has redefined its path of religious life in a collective of non-religious and even anti­religious principles.

Today’s world is the world of religious people and those with knowledge, but which religion? Which principles? Which dimensions? And or which degree of knowledge?

The religious experiences of mankind especially after the appearance of Islam shows the religious efforts of some against the anti-religious thoughts of others; where the area of though and culture full of the appearance of mankind’s thought flows is an amalgamation of its extremism with religious beliefs. Atheism, materialism, Marxism and humanism are all the produce of the experienced though of mankind in the maturity of religion, and in answer to the thirsty human minds from religion.

Once again I ask: which religion? Which principles? And which dimensions? With what knowledge?

Violence, inequality, discrimination, animosity, unkindness, enmity, lies and trickery are all strife in the world.

Inhuman behaviours of mankind have religious skin.

Tired of its religious and nonreligious experiences, mankind is in the realm of politics and thought.

Mankind is alone and being God oriented is an instinctive need which drives it constantly towards new experiences in religion and thought.

Today’s mankind is trapped between different products which are produced in the thought and knowledge market. But there are no tools at hand to distinguish between the genume and counterfeit.

Members of the human community, esteemed humans, religious humans, morality observant humans, followers of Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, lovers of the heavenly city of morality and human dignity, the world needs a new study!

Our religions are full of common concepts and teachings which are for the reaching of mankind to religious maturity and to follow the shortest route to bliss!

Although as religious human beings have made many mistakes, and our improper behaviour have tarnished the religious memory of the world, but let us give ourselves another opportunity and reread Islam, Christianity and Judaism to find subjective and conceptive commonalities, without considering our mistakes.

Our recommendation for a rereading of religion and moral conciliation movement is as follows:

– The formation of a global unity at scientific and university levels for rereading and finding of common fundamental concepts and understandings in Semitic religions through the formation of religious technical committees.

– The formation of technical monitoring bases for unbiased studies of the followers of religion for the purpose of assessment and preparation of accurate distinguished reports of the religious and nonreligious behaviours of the followers of religions.

– The creation of conflux opportunities and recognition among the technical religious seedings for the purpose of removal of ambiguities and assumed religious questions in the collective of groups that suffer from lslamophobia.

– The creation of a special opportunity for the unbiased and scientific study of existing theories with regards to religious governance or governments subject to Semitic religions for the establishment of a clean and without anti-human moral values world, from the commonalities of religions for answering the needs of the followers of Semitic religions who are interested in religious living.

– The establishment of cornmittees for the settling of religious differences with a tendency to the commonalities of religious fundaments at the international level.

By Mariam Salimi

In Defenders, Automn 2012-Winter 2013


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