The Danish-Arab Interfaith Dialogue

The Danish-Arab Interfaith Dialogue

10-13 Novembre 2014


  All the participants in the Istanbul Conference had an active engagement and constructive contributions.    On the day of arrival they went on a short trip to Istanbul Old City to see some of the historical sites.

On the first day of the conference they listened to keynote speakers from both Arab and Danish contexts addressing the three themes:

  1. Types of conflict causing forced separation of religious and ethnic groups
  2. Effects of emigration and immigration on religious and social society
  3. Skepticism towards “the other” and tendencies to false generalizations in light of increasing nationalism and radicalism.

On the second day of the conference, participants were divided in workshops to reflect on the causes of conflict and discuss further possible initiatives to support and strengthen cross-religious cooperation as a way to alleviate the prevailing fragmentation. The outcome of this can be read in the Istanbul Statement at

Towards the end of the conference, the participants agreed to strengthen and widen the online network of professionals engaged in interfaith dialogue. To those who receive this newsletter but are not yet members of the online forum, kindly remember to SIGN UP to the forum (there is a light grey Sign Up button in the upper right corner on the homepage

Homepage The homepage of the Danish-Arab Interfaith Dialogue is open for everyone who can read about the project and the conferences, read presentations and articles, read general news about interfaith dialogue, and see images from the conferences.

All members are invited to send articles about interfaith dialogue to the administrators who will have them translated if necessary and publish them on the homepage. In addition to this, the site contains a closed forum for members only where they can reflect on events and debate issues related to interfaith dialogue – with the aim of learning from and supporting one another in a private forum. Members are welcome to suggest others who are interested in joining the forum.

The homepage has been UPDATED with presentations, images and news about the Istanbul Conference. Soon recordings of the lectures and a short film about the conference will also appear on the site.

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